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Hairstyles for Curly hair extensions

Hairstyles for Curly hair extensions

Curly extensions help in adding fullness and length to your hair .Especially people with straight hair love to experiment with curl extensions. Curly hair extensions are available in various types in the market and are made up of real hair, which gives an unbelievable look to the wearer. They are soft and buy the color of your choice or matching your hair too. They are expensive and require a good number of hours in maintenance.

Synthetic extensions are affordable in price, but are less natural looking one in comparison to the expensive ones. You can weave the curls, extensions and make them in different styles. Depending on your choice wear it loses or make a braid. Extensions are easily placed till the next wash.

There are various curly hair extensions available in the market , you just have to use your creativity combines with some accessories to give you a perfect look for an upcoming event. Experiment with your casual curls or elegant ringlets depending on your face shape. With different type of curls you can get a ravishing look like straight long hair with curls at the end perfect look for a romantic evening.

Before selecting any type of curl extensions you need to understand which are the perfect ones for you. Here are some top, curly hair extension styles which you can pull off very easily at your own for important occasions or event:

  • The Romantic Up-do:If you have a long face , you definitely want to experiment with your hair in such a way that it will give your face a round look. You can do this style if you have a heart shape face too. You have to put your extensions and roll out your hair in two sections with good quality rollers. Leave the rollers for at least 3 hours to get perfect curls.
  • Sexy and Messy Look: Some women look incredibly sexy in the curly tresses or with tossed hair. You can get this look by combining your hair with a paddle brush. After that add hair extensions and comb your hair brushing in a downward direction. Style your hair with little curls to give volume to the hair.
  • Elegant and defined curls:If you want to get an elegant look with your hair extensions , then try tight curls with your hair. Once you have added extension to your hair use curler to curl 1 to 2 inches of your hair starting from the top. Apply spray before and after the styling to protect your curls. It will help in providing very shiny look to the curls.

Ideally these curly hair extensions are best for those who are born with straight hair. To get a new look you can definitely try these hairstyles according to your wish.