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Preppy style secrets you probably didn’t know

Preppy style secrets you probably didn’t know

Some people have a wrong belief that one needs to be a polo player or member of a country club to adopt a preppy style. Well, if you have been vigilant on fashions and trends, you’ll realize that this is not true. The truth is that anyone can adopt the style as long as you know what you want and why you have to go for such a style. Here are style secrets about this style that you probably didn’t know.

Being Preppy at Work

Whether or not you work in a quiet office, you still can find an individual way of expressing your inner prep but be careful to keep it on a piece or two. A good example is to wear a navy blue suit then introduce the preppy style by wearing a preppy bow tie or printed one. With this, you’ll keep your professional code and still express that inner prep you would like to your place of work.


You do not need to have several pairs of shoes if you are a lover of preppy style. For a preppy man, for instance, only three types of shoes are okay. You could simply have a loafer type, or even driving shoes, and you’ll be there. For a casual look, having boat shoes will be enough. With these, a man will be ready to express his prep and love for the style.

Now you know the secrets. Of course, these are a lot of others as these are not the only ones. The best way to keep in touch with what’s happening around is to find out the latest developments and trends in this area.