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The Greatest Shades of Red Hair

The Greatest Shades of Red Hair

Red, that most alluring of hair colors or the gaudiest one, depending on what tone you go for, of course! Anyone can dye their hair red, but a seldom few manage to find right balance between tone, and brightness. Depending on a multitude of factors like face shape, complexion and ethnicity, you can get some stunning red hair shades and let you achieve your own personalized tone of red. Let’s have a look at some of the color options you have.


A rich, dark copper highlighted by a lighter shade of copper highlight is pretty much the default safe color that will look good on pretty much any complexion. However, this shade of red hair color would look best on people with a pale skin tone. This combination will also works for people with neutral complexions who prefer lighter colors, but want to keep the area around the face dark.

For those of you who have a clear skinned, warm undertone, a medium copper color would be very suited to enhancetheir complexion. This copper shade also works on people with pale green eyes as it accentuates them.


This is a kind of loud, yet cool, red and looks best on people with pale skin and even those with warm undertones. For straight hair, a full fringe would work best. But, if you have wavy hair to curly hair and still like the look, using a flat iron can do wonders.


This shade is best described as a spicy dark chocolate and looks absolutely fabulous on someone with a medium complexion and has thick hair. This particular kind of red also accentuates a person’s eye color. Not so suited for people with fine hair though.

Red Velvet

This is a cool red brown which goes great with those who have a cooler complexion! Medium time complexions also could don this look.This is the general look that blondes take if they decide to go red as it brightens up the face.


This is the deepest possible red brown color that you can get. It’s very plush and sets a great centre for those with pale or slightly warm skin tones. It is ideal for those with dark brown eyes as it makes a perfect match to highlight the undertones of this hair shade. Medium to long hair lengths are great for this color because the extra length helps softenthe contrast between the dark hair and lighter skin.


This red is a very bold and gorgeous cherry cola shade. This color will look simplystunning, paired with whitish skin tones and light colored eyes! This shade would also look good on those of you with moderately thick hair.