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Your premium guide on crochet stitches

Your premium guide on crochet stitches

Crocheting is a simple process of weaving a yarn with the use of specialized crochet hooks. It’s as easy as it seems. All you need to do is loop over the fabric to create an interlock so as to gain a basic outline of the product you’re making. However, all these are just beginner styled procedure.

If you want the fine looking crochet pieces same as the one, you saw in the shopkeepers display window, you’ll need to master some tricks and techniques. The basic structure remains the same as introductory ones, what you now need is to get a know-how of different stitches used in the crocheting works.

You want to know about them, don’t you? We’ll provide you with few of the worthy stitching techniques down below. Read along.

  • Slip crochet stitches
  • This stitching technique follows the mechanism of looping your yarn on the hook through chain in a singular motion. This will lead to a slip stitch. If you need a full row of them, then use couple of hooks to make your work easier.
  • Single crochet stitches
  • This is one of the most used and revered stitches of crochet. This stitch creates a dense and tight loop to hold the fabric around and keep it tight. It’s the shortest of all the stitches used in crocheting.
  • V-stitch
  • As the name goes by, it resembles a ‘V’ shape while stitching. While using this stitch pattern, you create a symmetrical ‘V’ shape with two parallel fabric strands joined by the ends. This kind of stitch is highly versatile and can be used in any crochet works.