What you need to know about Knitted dolls

Adorable knitted dolls: 10 free patterns

Dolls meant to be the statue of beauty and carefree lifestyle. Dolls hold their effect on the little young girls. Dolls help young minds to create their cognitive and self-help skills. Dolls made with hands are craftier than machine-made. Knitted dolls captured the heart with their charming beauty. From year …

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Makeup pictures-Getting inked is trending

Best Makeup Tutorials ♡ | Makeup Tutorial Compilation #15 - YouTube

Someone rightly said “Your body is like blank canvas where one can take the liberty to paint it.” This  adage is now being followed and taken seriously. The concept of body art is trending and it is a rage in the fashion circle. It’s a artistic skill where one can …

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Look ravishing with bright red hair dye

Amazon.com : Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Red Velvet, 3

When you are trying to make a fashion statement, there is nothing louder, and more impactful than a different hair color, different from your natural one. There are two major reasons why people dye their hair. The first one is because they want to hide their graying hair, and appear …

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