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Eye makeup ideas: To get those gorgeous

Eye makeup ideas: To get those gorgeous eyes

Basic technique used by every professional salon while putting make-up on your face is to enhance the best features and hide the blemishes; the idea is to highlight the best feature. Eyes is one of such feature which attract the attention of everyone on the first look. By putting the right make-up on your eyes, can literally transform your looks. There are two factors which should immediately strike your mind while thinking about idea make up. First is choosing the right eye makeup and second is learning the best technique to apply that make up.

How to choose the right eye makeup?

Today markets are flooding with numerous eye makeup products, each unique in its own way. Due to which women get more confused between what to buy and what to leave. In such situation, first you need to carefully examine few factors such as: color of your eyes, shape of your eyes, your complexion tone and such other things. Eye makeup products differ from liner to kajal, from eye shadow to mascara. So, each one of them needs to be carefully picked according to your requirements.

How to do the makeup correctly?

As we all know that eye makeup is not only about putting kajal or only liner, it’s a whole package. Due to which it includes a whole procedure to carry out very diligently and carefully. The first step in this procedure is to apply concealer; yes you heard it right, concealer is an important part of your eye makeup. It covers your dark under eye skin. After that, it’s time for eye shadow. To be very honest, it doesn’t matter what colored eye shadow you have. Here, the point is how well it s blended with other shades you are using. You can try out the combination of a subtle and a bold color to give you a neutral look. Now, comes the time to go ahead with liner and kajal. They both should be applied in compatible manner. Like if you are putting liner for cat eyes then put the kajal accordingly. The last & most important thing to do is putting mascara. To get it really effective, you have to make sure that it is applied evenly without any smudges or globs.

How to choose the best technique?

There’s a different technique to apply each of the above products. Like to get perfect mascara, you need to start from the bottom of your lashes, and then have to come to the top. Similarly, there’s a different technique for everything which you can learn from different web portals or tutorials available on YouTube.

Get the amazing eyes and rock the ramp!