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Makeup pictures-Getting inked is trending

Makeup pictures-Getting inked is trending

Someone rightly said “Your body is like blank canvas where one can take the liberty to paint it.” This  adage is now being followed and taken seriously. The concept of body art is trending and it is a rage in the fashion circle. It’s a artistic skill where one can get innovative designs imprinted on the skin. Sport a funky sign or a lovely heart on the hand, nape or legs.

The craze among youngsters especially musicians, artists and people associated with creative field for having pictures made up is very high. These designs add an element of spunk, mystique and attitude to the one wearing them. For many it’s a way of life as they love to wear these pictures with certain attitude.

Now there a whole industry catering to body art. There are professionals who are regarded as masters in this field of art. An element of the world of fashion and beauty body design is taking makeup a step further. One needs great skins and steady head to draw images on the skin and get good results.

There are temporary pictures one can get done or permanent designs that stay for eternity. Mostly people who opt for getting pictures made up on skin prefer long staying images. This might be just initials of a loved one or a symbol of god or flower. The range is wide and unlimited. These design artists have killer ideas very creatively.

Want to get inked? Try these simple tips:

  • Having made up one’s mind to get inked then start with selecting or thinking of a design or pattern to be drawn on the skin.
  • Locate a good studio or professional who is well-known in the vicinity. Beware of fraudsters as they might harm the skin.
  • Be mentally prepared to go through the ordeal since it is a painful task.
  • Also decide which part of the body do you want the picture – like the palm, stomach, wrist, back or shoulder. It all depends on where one wants to flaunt it.
  • There are various styles to choose from too. One can opt for flashy, Indian, abstract, religious to star signs.
  • Go for complete green or black contours or add a bit of colours to make it look a little trendy.
  • Ask for the per inch price since it is a costly affair. Instead of going for bigger and bolder prints, go for small designs and see how it gels with the overall personality.
  • If travelling to Goa or any coastal area, possibility of finding design artists are aplenty. There are many of them on the beach who provide such service given the demand from local and global tourists.

Find them online:

A quick look online and one will find various artists excelling in this art and it’s best to get in touch with them to get inked.