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The technique used to create a perfect
face makeup

The technique used to create a perfect face makeup

The face as one knows is one of the most important parts of the body of a person. It is by viewing the face, that one decides whether a person is attractive or not. Hence the face must always remain in perfect condition so that people are always attracted to it. The face has lots of features attached to it; these features include lips, eyes, nose etc. A person is mostly attracted to the lips of another person. Hence the shape as well as the color of the lips must always be well defined. A person must firstly put on a makeup for the lips, if one decides to put face makeup.

The shape of the face usually defines the kind of lip makeup that would be used on the lips. If the face of a person is round then one can put on red colored or deep pink colored lipstick. This would give the impression that the face is very bold and not too much rounded in shape. The face makeup put on consequently would hence be perfectly complimenting the makeup that is being put on the lips of the person.

If a person has a heart shaped face then the kind of face makeup or lip makeup that is required to be applied will be different in quality and quantity in comparison to that applied on a rounded face. The people who have a heart shaped or oval shaped face usually have high cheekbones and the chin of these people is quite narrow too. For the upper lip of this kind of face, a light shade of color such as pink can be applied, whereas for the lower lips a bolder hue of color can be applied. The entire face consequently be given makeup accordingly, with bolder colors being used on the lower part of the face whereas lighter colors being used on the upper part.


If the face of a person is square shaped, then one should avoid the use of dark shades of colors. Lighter shades of colors must be used by these people for face makeup. The jaw of the square faced people usually appears larger than the forehead. Light shades of colors must be essentially used for giving makeup to the square shaped faces, shades of colors such as pale pink or very light orange is generally preferred by leading makeup artists from all over the world.

After decorating the lips, the focus of the face makeup should be essentially on the cheeks of a person. A person must put on a good amount of dark colored blush if the face is round in shape. The heart shaped face must not have too much amount of blush whereas the square shaped face must use blush in a medium dose.