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Varieties of hand knitted stockings at
knockdown prices!

Varieties of hand knitted stockings at knockdown prices!

Different kinds of garments are worn by people to protect themselves from cold. They are sweaters, jackets, stockings and socks. Among these stockings are worn on the feet high up to the knees. Sometimes they cover thighs completely to get a better protection from the bad weather. Normally these stockings are tight fitting clothes which are available in the market in different designs and materials. They are most commonly made of wool, cotton or nylon.

Hand knitted stockings of various patterns and styles: Neatly mended with a combination of colors like red, green and white, it is made of pure wool with an inner polyester layer in it. They are very thick hosieries which are 28 inches long. Embroidered with Fair Isle pattern they are a clever choice in anybody’s winter attire collection. The one special feature is that any name can be knitted on this kind of panty hoses. Traditional designs with a contemporary appearance gives a stunning look to these leg coverings.

It would be very attractive to look at a stocking in red and white combination having a reindeer design on it or a design of a snowman with pine trees all around him in white, green and maroon combination with names sewn on them. These garter belts are made of wool or organic cotton. One can choose among the materials with which they are made of while buying them. No doubt cotton knee heights can also help to keep legs safe from chillness.

Handsome Aran style cable kitting with hanging loops will catch anybody’s eyes with its exceptional beauty and functionality it has to offer. Aran style symbolizes traditional style and when these knee- highs are woven in maroon and white combination it would look awesome on anybody’s feet. Designed by Mary Jane Protus it is 20’’ long and requires an intermediate skill to cross-stitch it. The plain white with maroon lines on the party hoses also reminds us of the alluring traditional designs which never becomes outdated.

The chunky knit handmade stocking completely made of acrylic fiber with cotton lining is very appealing in plain maroon or white color. Yet another beautiful snow flake hose with hanging loop in which surprising gifts can be loaded inside. Anybody would love to, possess a garner-belt having green, white and maroon combination with floral and pine trees multiple designs on it. This model is knit with white angora yarn.

Different brands has come up with a lovely design in pink and gray color using skein valley yarns to give an absolutely great look to the stockings. An intermediate knitter’s hands will do wonder if this pattern is followed. It could also be hung from a mantelpiece or shelf.